I Strive To Achieve Justice For My Clients

My name is Kathleen Shell. I am passionate about my work as an attorney because I believe every individual deserves fair treatment under the law. I practice in the areas of criminal law, family law and juvenile law. I strive to achieve justice for my clients and I am relentless in my efforts to obtain the best possible results.

My Law Practice Is Built On Perseverance And Trust

I am a strong advocate for my clients. I listen to their stories. I develop an understanding of who they are and what they want to accomplish, whether it is a defendant facing a murder charge, a spouse in a divorce or a juvenile who made a mistake. Even when the odds are against my client, I do not stop fighting for justice.

My clients benefit from my reputation for honesty and perseverance within the legal community. Judges, prosecutors and law enforcement personnel know that what I say is true and is spoken with full candor.

I Will Work Around Your Schedule

I understand you do not want to miss work to meet with a lawyer. So I strive to arrange meetings that are convenient for you, whether it is before your work, after work or on the weekend. Call The Law Office of Kathleen Shell at 423-454-9825 in Decatur, Tennessee, to schedule an appointment, or contact me online.