I Bring Unique Insight And Perspective

I am Kathleen Shell, an attorney based Decatur, Tennessee. I would like to share with you how the totality of my experiences in work and life have shaped how I approach the practice of law.

I founded my law firm in 2012 with a passion to help others achieve justice. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I helped people in need as a director of a domestic violence shelter, at a homeless shelter and as a counselor to Navy sailors.

I believe my experiences have made me an effective advocate for my clients. Click on the link below to read more information about me and my firm.

An Effective Advocate With Well-Rounded Experience

From a legal perspective, my work with domestic violence victims gave me insight into the issues that victims face. It helped me understand why they sometimes make choices they otherwise would not have made. For example, people sometimes are coerced into things like writing bad checks and transporting illegal drugs; it is easier for them to go along with the coercion than it is to suffer more abuse.

I was a life skills counselor for Fleet and Family Services with the United States Navy, helping sailors with anger management, transition to civilian life, life skills and suicide prevention.

Transformative Courtroom Training

I am a graduate of the Trial Lawyer's College in Dubois, Wyoming, an organization led by famed courtroom lawyer Gerry Spence. It was a transformative program.

It taught me how to be a better advocate for my clients. It taught me how to listen to my clients better and how to tell my clients' stories to the jury better. It taught me not to be afraid to advocate when a client deserves justice, even when the odds are against us.

Adjunct Professor And Municipal Judge

Aside from my work as an attorney, I am an adjunct professor at Tennessee Wesleyan University in Athens. I have taught courses in torts, contracts, civil procedure, law-office practice and others. I also serve as the municipal judge for the city of Decatur.

I Will Work Around Your Schedule

I understand you do not want to miss work to meet with a lawyer. So I strive to arrange meetings that are convenient for you, whether it is before your work, after work or on the weekend. Call The Law Office of Kathleen Shell at 423-454-9825 to schedule an appointment, or contact me online.