I Bring Calm To Family Issues

Family law issues, especially divorce, are extremely difficult for everyone involved. Questions surround all aspects of your life, including finances, living arrangements, daily schedules and your children's needs.

With everything in flux, it is critical to have an experienced family law attorney who will lower your stress and protect your interests.

I work very hard in divorces to gain everything my clients are due. I take the time to listen to their stories and understand their goals. I strive to make sure my clients have realistic expectations. I lay out the legal options and let them know what they can expect.

Aside from divorces, my family law services include: adoption; parentage; spousal support; and custody and visitation.

My Approach: I Do Not Inject Drama

Family law cases, divorces in particular, are filled with emotion, hard feelings and high stress. That is why I bring as little drama into divorce proceedings as possible. Drama from the attorney makes a situation worse, not better.

Also, I urge parents not to drag their children into the divorce. I ask clients to think about what is best for their children and not put them in the middle of a tug of war. I tell parents, "This is your divorce, not your children's divorce."

The Joy Of Adoptions

Adoptions are an important and very gratifying part of my practice, representing parents who want to adopt children. I bring compassion and understanding to the process, and I strive to make it a positive experience.

I am frequently asked how long adoptions take. The adoption process can last anywhere from one month to two years. If everyone involved is in agreement, then it can happen very quickly. If it is contentious, then the process takes more time.

I Will Work Around Your Schedule

I try very hard to meet with you when it is convenient for you and your schedule. I will meet when it is convenient for you, whether it is before your work, after work or on the weekend. If you need a family law lawyer, call The Law Office of Kathleen Shell in Decatur, Tennessee, at 423-454-9825 to schedule an appointment, or contact me online.