I Am An Advocate And Ally For Juveniles

Juveniles who get into legal trouble suddenly are confronted with a new reality: the juvenile justice system. Juvenile courts are not the same as criminal courts, but just as with criminal courts, there are pitfalls in juvenile courts. Without an attorney who understands juvenile law, your child is at the mercy of the system. A negative result could change the trajectory and quality of your child's life for years to come.

I am passionate about helping juveniles turn their lives around. I know that the right person at the right time in a juvenile's life can mean the difference between being a productive citizen and a life spent in and out of prison.

I Find Resources For Juveniles

This is a critical moment in your child's life. Your child needs an advocate and an ally. Your child needs a compassionate yet determined attorney who will look out for your child's best interests, explain the process and work to achieve the best possible result.

For me, juveniles are not just a number or a case. When juveniles commit a crime, there is often an underlying issue that caused the child to make a bad decision. I strive to get to the root of the matter; I thoroughly research all possible resources for juveniles who are in need of services.

Relationships Built On Trust

With my juvenile clients, I work hard to earn their trust and to become a reliable member of their support system or network. After their cases have been decided in juvenile court, I follow up and do everything in my power to help them succeed.

Just as importantly, members of the juvenile justice system know me and trust me. Social services personnel, judges and prosecutors listen to my recommendations and know that I represent the child's best interests.

How To Contact Me

If you need a lawyer to help a child who has been charged with a juvenile crime, call The Law Office of Kathleen Shell in Decatur, Tennessee, at 423-454-9825 or contact me online. I am dedicated to providing quality defense for juveniles.